Our History

In mid-1989, Marsha Delamar moved from Benton, Illinois to Henderson, KY to be closer to family. Marsha was a woman of great faith and compassion. She had started a Right to Life chapter in Benton after meeting several women who were suffering from the pain of abortions even years after their decision. Their pain lit a fire in her to do something to prevent the pain of

abortion and save the lives of pre-born children.

Marsha’s passion was not stifled when she moved, nor was she dissuaded from her calling when she was diagnosed with breast cancer little more than a year later. Marsha struck up a friendship with a local OB nurse at Methodist Hospital, Jeanmarie Parrott. Marsha and Jeanmarie worked together to assemble a group of folks under the canopy of Christian Action Coalition. This coalition would be the spawning grounds for the 501C3 application for the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Henderson, KY.

Rallies and demonstrations were held during this very political time of the pro-life movement. Marsha, Jeanmarie and others travelled to Wichita, Kansas in 1991 during the “Summer of Mercy” sit-ins at the abortion clinic staffed by the now infamous Dr. George Tiller. Marsha made the front page of USA Today at this event.

In April, 1992, Marsha Delamar succumbed to the breast cancer and received her eternal reward. Her passionate service brought many memorial contributions to the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Henderson, KY. The board of directors decided that instead of running this ministry out of homes, they would use the funds to establish a physical location. The second floor of the historic Soaper Hotel was donated in downtown Henderson. This asbestos and pigeon poop laden gift was cleaned out, painted, decorated with the funds received and Mr. Herman Alles donated furniture for the space. The significance of the memorial gifts in honor of Marsha Delamar brought a name change. We would now be known as Marsha’s Place Pregnancy Resource Center. Jeanmarie Parrott was named the director and she would serve for the next 21 years carrying out the vision of her dear friend.

In 1994, the decision was made to move to a house at 603 Center Street in Henderson, in hopes that an off-the-beaten-path location might provide more privacy for young women seeking our services. This location served us well for 20 years. Eventually we would outgrow this space with its 5’x13’ ultrasound room.

In 2013, during a strategic planning meeting, under the direction of the Lord, the decision was made to look for a new building. We had little funding, but there was no doubt God had directed us to look for a new building. We looked at many places but our meager $500 a month could not even rent the space we would need.

We met with a donor in July, 2014 to simply thank her for her donations and to update her on our strategic focus. She could see we couldn’t complete the vision in our current building (even though we never spoke of the building search). We described the buildings we had seen and when we spoke of the building at 3rd and Elm, her face lit up. She saw what we were speaking of in the building that had once been the place she banked. Two days later her family made a do-nation for the price she thought we should ask, $275, 000. We were still unsure because we lacked enough funding to renovate the inside. A late night email was sent out asking for advice. The next morning a donor called to say he and his wife had been ready to donate $50,000 to another organization for no special reason, but since they heard of our need last night, they would be donating it toward our new building renovation. God had provided and we were confident He would provide all we needed for the project. The offer was made and accepted, and on September 30, 2014 we purchased that building.

In 2015, we moved from our 1,800 square-foot building with one counseling room, closet-sized ultrasound room and no private office space, to a beautiful 4,600 square-foot building. This project was valued at $600,000. God provided this in two years, debt free, with no capital campaign.